Saturday 6 April 2019: The Peckham Society Dawn Chorus led by Peter Frost
5am – 6.30am. Meet outside the Café on the Rye SE15 3UA. Encounter the song birds and the water fowl on the lake. Welcome the migrants back from Africa, the blackcaps and the chiff-chaffs. Free admission, non members welcome. www.peckhamsociety.org.uk

Sunday 7 April 2019: The Peckham Society AGM
3pm. Lecture 3.30pm. A celebration of The Old Kent Road. Guest speakers to be announced. Goose Green Centre, St John’s Church, Goose Green, SE22 9AT. This is an important route going back to prehistoric times, better known as being part of Watling Street in Roman times. And now the route of the Bakerloo line extension and the massive investment that will  take place. A panel of experts will feature the important aspects of preserving the heritage and using the resources to be used to the common good. Free admission, non members welcome. www.peckhamsociety.org.uk


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